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Ausgabe August 2008

Ardèche 2008
 on the way from Séte to Rhine

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After our visit in Falset Adge we landed in on the beach of Séte. Maria and Hermann met us the 2nd day. The next day we started separately again. They wanted to focus the direction of Italy, Claudia wanted to see the Ardeche. On country roads, long time by Stop and Go, we moved to the north.

Standplätze in Südfrankreich


Pont St Esprit

Vallon-Pont d´Arc

First, we bypassed the beautiful valley of the Ardeche on small roads and finally landed in Vallon-Pont d'Arc. There we granted the gastronomes the motorway tolls we saved since Séte.


During the breakfast not arranged met Maria and Hermann. But now, they wanted finally to Italy, where they offered involuntarily a smoking victims to the gangs of parking areas. Their camper was broken, as they later told. The same time we enjoyed the impressions of a beautiful nature.
But now we were tired of the winding waivers and mountains in the consistent orientation to the north. The river run with the wider street pointed to the southeast and to the Rhone Valley. 

In the evening hours of saturday, this has led us to St Laurent du Pape, where we looked for a campsite. In the second start we decided for "Camping La Garenne", with 18.50 per day. We think, it is a fair offer, including electricity and swimming pool.




We felt dread, to drive in the Rhone valley without highway. But obviously we had the truck-free Sunday and the holiday season - it ran great. In Lyon of course we used the highway - in the proximity of large cities, it is also free.

German Border

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